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Kal Usman is a young Ghanaian with BSc Marketing, and a freelance marketer living in Accra, Ghana. This site is all about giving you the best contents about leadership, motivation and lifestyle management. You will be treating yourself to great marketing and sales tips to help you grow your business, while you also learn and develop your leadership skills with us. Thank you for staying with us.

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30 Leadership Quotes To Inspire Your Leadership Skills Development

Leadership is a complex topic of discussion. Leadership is not about titles or hierarchy, but the willingness of people to follow someone because they trust the vision and abilities of that person or individual to lead them. Whether you’re leading a team, a company, or a group, leadership is not about simply giving orders, but …

Styles Of Leadership:6 Common Leadership Styles You Can Apply To Your Skills Development

Mostly we are tempted to categorize leaders as either good or bad, due to our past experiences with some leaders. Maybe there was that leader that made you feel supported, motivated, and inspired, or maybe that leader that was so critical, making you wonder if you were skilled enough or qualified enough to undertake a …

The Difference Between Leadership And Management

Often times we think of leadership and management as the same thing, but in actuality, there are some differences between leadership and management. The main difference between the two is that, leaders have followers, while managers have subordinates – people who work for them. While leadership is about inspiring and motivating people to comprehend and …


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